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"My guy... He's a killer."
"Uh-huh... Anything else?"
"Yeah, he has duel desert eagles, an Arctic Warfare sniper rifle-"
"Like Counter-strike."
"Yeah, yeah, exactly, anyway, he has that in his car-"
"I assume it can shoot missiles out of the headlights."
"What? No, no, it's just bulletproof-"
"Trenchcoat, sunglasses, limitless funds, famed international assassin, mysterious yet tragic past, and a cold attitude? That's great Mike! Have the fanfic in my e-mail by morning and I'll be able to tell you to make an original character by right now, okay?"


WizKids is undergoing a reorganization.

This means Jordan Weisman is no longer at the helm. He did say he would stay as a creator, since that's what he loves.

Honestly, after Mage Knight v2 and Shadowrun 4, I'm surprised it took this long. It'd be sad if they went down because of this though.

Here's the annoucement, if you missed it:

Dear Hobby Game Community,

Due to changing demands within our industry and within our own company, WizKids is reorganizing to strengthen itself within the marketplace. In doing so, we are making changes at the executive level management of our company, bringing in highly skilled and proven leaders while allowing the creative side of our company to focus on continued innovation.

I am stepping down as CEO of WizKids. Moving forward, I will continue to work with WizKids in a creative capacity, exploring new product innovations and game development. The goal is to allow me to do what I do best and what I love the most, which is to create great games. Stepping down as CEO is a very difficult decision. But I believe it is best for WizKids, as well as what is best for me.

Lax Chandra will be taking on the role of President at WizKids. Lax was most recently Topps Company’s Director of Business Development for the Entertainment Division and head of the Internet Group. Lax’s mix of strategic vision, passion and discipline combined with his impressive business experience make him a solid choice as WizKids next President. I am confident he will effectively lead WizKids into its next chapter for years to come.

With the strong addition of Lax, WizKids has also hired Joe Hauck as the Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. Joe brings with him 10 years of game industry experience, most recently as Vice President of Brand Marketing for Wizards of the Coast. Joe is one of the most accomplished marketers in the history of our industry. His experience managing the Magic brand is a testament to steady brand development and extension. Joe will focus on growing WizKids’ market share, forming strategic partnerships, and delivering top-notch products to our industry. I am pleased to welcome him as a valued member of our management team.

WizKids is firmly committed to supporting the Core Hobby Game industry and plans to serve this industry for years to come. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence has not changed and we look forward to working with all of the folks that make this industry great to help transform the marketplace into a vibrant and exciting one again.


Jordan Weisman
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saria clear

Catching up on lost time

Gaming has escaped me lately and I'm not sure how long it's going to be ignored now due to current circumstances either. So, here are some updates that I have missed posting.

1. I found the missing D6 for my very first cube of dice, my lovely blue and gold set. I'm very happy about that. :)

2. We played SuperMunchkin this weekend for the first time. It's funny, as is generally expected from all Munchkin games. I'm going to miss playing with the guys at the OMP this year though. I'll be thinking about ya that weekend!

3. FoxMUD. The very first mud I played and was hardcore into. I've started working on an archive and here's what I've got so far: Saria's FoxMUD Archive. It's too bad the poor mud is completely gone.

And that's all for now. Catch ya when I'm not feeling so down and pissed.
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Confirmed for SR4

  • Dice pools no longer exist in their SR3 form. They are now attribute + skill +/- modifiers.
  • The target number for dice rolls is now always 5. Yes, all target numbers. Modifiers add or subtract from dice pools, not the target number.
  • Each roll of 5 or 6 is a "hit" rather than a "success." Success is determined by the number of hits scored.
  • The Rule of One (now called a glitch) is triggered more frequently, and may be triggered even when successful.
  • The Rule of Six no longer applies, except when you are using the new Edge attribute.
  • Open Tests no longer exist.
  • A new type of test-Extended Tests-has been added.
  • The maximum for natural, un-augmented attribute ratings is now 6 (plus racial modifiers)
  • Intelligence is divided into two new attributes: Intuition and Logic.
  • Quickness has been divided into two new attributes: Agility and Reaction (Reaction is no longer a derived attribute).
  • Two new attributes have been added: Edge (luck, a balancer for non-cyber and nonmagic characters) and Resonance (for technomancer characters).
  • Magic no longer starts at 6; it must be purchased just like other attributes.
  • Combat Turns are now 6 seconds long.

More at the official SR4 FAQ

However, I have heard from 2 playtesters, in a forum setting, that they are not pleased with what they've seen and also with how things are being handled.

And a touch of my sense of humor after Paul and I spent some time reading the forums.
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Shadowrun 4.0

At Gen*Con this year, Shadowrun 4th Edition will be unveiled. Unfortunately, it seems like there are some not-so-great changes. After (what seems to be) the last four 3rd Edition books are out, that may be it for me. I love what FanPro has done so far. I just think, as I did with Earthdawn, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Here is a summary of some of the annouced changes:

  • Intelligence and Quickness are split into 2 stats each.

  • Reaction is no longer derived.

  • Karma Pool removed in favor of a stat.

  • No more deckers or riggers, they are called HACKERS now.

  • Open Tests are gone.

  • Dice pools are defined differently.

  • Magic is a normal attribute, no longer starting at 6.

So, say goodbye to all your old rulebooks and try to shake the karma from your d6 collection. Assuming you're going to make the change...
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Earthdawn | EarthdawnLegends

The final issue of EDL is out. And they are now all available on the website as PDF files.
I am working on a single, massive PDF of all the issues, with the annoying incessant shit stripped out.

It was a good run, even if the final issue took me 5 months to write.
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Earthdawn | webrings

Well, I think it's time to abandon I fixed the damn code, got the fucking thing working and then it booted half my members. It kicked me out of my own group. WTF? I've sent out a message to the remaining members that it will be closed at the end of April. I'm tired of dealing with it.

Only one part left to finish on the last issue of EarthdawnLegends. It's coming, I swear!
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